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Old Timers Weekend - Senior Court
Each year during the last weekend in July the Dayton Community honors members of the "senior" community to serve as Royalty of the Old Timers Weekend.  This highly sought after honor is given to members of our community who have lived in the Dayton area and who has dedicated their time to the service of others. 

Presenting the 2018 Senior Court:

Past Senior Courts:

2017 Senior Court

King - Jim Connelly
Queen - Mary Baker



2015 Senior Court

King - John Francis
Queen - Catherine Poe
Prince - Ann Albright
Princess - Frederick Hisaw

Senior Court Brochure

2013 Senior Court

King - George Beal
Queen - Betty Damewood
Prince - Bob Coburn
Princess - Mary Lou Coburn

2011 Senior Court

King - Francis Dummer
Queen - Ofelia Galaviz
Prince - Howard Putman
Princess - Dorothy Passey
*Honorary Queen - Margie Morgan

2009 Senior Court

King - Wayne "Suede" Lien
Queen - Orva Gubser
Prince - Bill Kotch
Princess - Rosie Morgan

2016 Senior Court

King - Robert Shelburne
Queen - Sharon Shelburne


Senior Court Brochure

2014 Senior Court

King - Ray Clevenger
Queen - Pearl Lyon


Senior Court Brochure

2012 Senior Court

King - Hal Tanaka
Queen - Jo Windish
Prince - Clyde Ruegg
Princess - Dawne Nichol

2010 Senior Court

King - Norm McGrew
Queen - Jeanne Putman
Prince - Freeman Finnicum
Princess - Louie Finnicum


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