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Public Works Dept.

The City of Dayton provides wastewater (or sewer) services. The City's wastewater system consists of mainlines throughout the City, 3 lift stations (Hwy 221 Bridge, Palmer Creek, and 9th Street), a Main Pump Station, and a Wastewater Lagoon Treatment Plant.


Wastewater System Facilities Plan - June 2012

Sewer Rates

 Single Family Residence  $37.00
 Multi-Family Residence  $37.00 per unit
 Commercial  $34.00
 Restaurants/Taverns  $43.00
 Churches, Lodges and Clubs   $37.00
 Hotels & Motels  $37.00 per room/unit
 Offices  $37.00
 Laundries  $21.00 per washer
 Schools  Information available at City Hall
 RV Parks  Information available at City Hall


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