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Bids and Requests for Proposals

Invitation to Bid


Sealed bids for the Hwy 221 (3rd St) ODOT Pedestrian Improvements will be received on behalf of City of Dayton ("Owner") by Denny Muchmore, Project Manager, of Westech Engineering, Inc. at 3841 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Suite 100, Salem, Oregon 97302-1192, until the bid closing time of 2:00 pm, local time on March 1, 2017.  Bids will be publicly opened and read (at the above address) immediately after the bid closing time, but written bid tabulations will not be released until after 4:00 pm (the submittal deadline for the "First-Tier Subcontractor Disclosure Form"). Bids shall be clearly marked "Bid for the Hwy 221 (3rd Street) ODO Pedestrian Improvements", showing the date and time of the public bid closing, as well as the Bidders name, and shall be delivered to the location specified above, by or before the above bid closing time. 


By no later than 4:00 pm local time on March 1, 2017 (i.e. 2 working hours after the bid closing), each bidder shall deliver to Denny Muchmore, Project Manager, of Westech Engineering, Inc., at the same address as the bids were delivered to, the "First Tier Subcontractor Disclosure Form" contained in the bidding documents.  This form shall be submitted regardless of the bid total.  Bidders who fail to submit the required disclosure form will be considered non-responsive, and their bid will not be considered for award.  The disclosure form shall either be submitted in the same envelope as the bid, or shall be submitted in a separate sealed envelope clearly marked "Disclosure Form for Hwy 221 (3rd St) ODOT Pedestrian Improvements", showing the date and time of the disclosure submittal deadline, as well as Bidders name. 


The work includes the following: Pedestrian ramp, sidewalk and associated improvements in preparation for a separate ODOT repaving project along 3rd Street (Hwy 221) through Dayton.


Copies of the Bid Documents (Contract Terms, Conditions, Specifications and Drawings) may be examined at:

1.  Westech Engineering, Inc., 3841 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Suite 100, Salem OR 97302 (phone 503 585-2474)

2.  City of Dayton, City Hall, 416 Ferry Street, Dayton OR 97114

3.  City of Dayton, Public Works, 416 Ferry Street, Dayton OR 97114

Paper sets of the bid documents will not be available for purchase from Westech Engineering for bidding purposes. 

Complete digital (pdf) copies of Bid Documents (including drawings) are available at http://www.westech-eng.com (under the Currently Bidding tab).  The digital Bid Documents may be downloaded for a non-refundable payment of $25 by inputting QuestCDN eBidDoc Number listed on the project information sheet available through the website link above.  Assistance with free QuestCDN registration, document downloading or working with the project information bay be obtained at QuestCDN.com, at 952 233-1632, or via email at info@questcdn.com.

This contract is for a public works subject to ORS 279C.870 (state prevailing wages) as applicable.  However, if the total value of all bid items is less than $45,000, the contract may assume that the total contract value will be less the $50,000 (i.e. $45,000 bid price and change the orders of less that $5,000), and as such, prevailing wage rates will not apply to this project (exception per ORS 279C.810.2a).  If the total value of all bid items is more than $45,000, the contractor shall assume that prevailing wages will apply to this project. 

Dated January 24, 2017

Publication Dates:

Daily Journal of Commerce:  Monday & Wednesday, 2/6 & 2/8/2017

News Register: Tuesday, 2/7/2017

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