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Contact Us

Dayton City Hall is located at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton, Oregon.


Mailing Address: PO Box 339, Dayton, OR 97114


Phone: (503) 864-2221

Fax: (503) 864-2956

Email: cityofdayton@ci.dayton.or.us


City Organization Chart


Staff Directory

Management Staff

City Manager  

City Recorder

 Rochelle Roaden

Public Works Director     Steve Sagmiller
Administration Staff

Community Development Specialist/Librarian

 Debra Lien
City Clerk  Patty Ringnalda
Community Development Assistant  Vicki Durand
Public Works Staff
Maintenance Operator  Corey Brown
Maintenance Operator  Greg Binks
Maintenance Worker  Michael Abarno

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